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He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. November 17, 2008

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So I thought I would start a blog.  I wrote an email to a friend today and linked her to many blogs that have inspired me and encouraged me during the past year, and just got to thinking that maybe I could be one to inspire and encourage others as well.  Be a giver and not just a taker.  When I begin to think about what the purpose of this blog may be, I feel a little lost.  You see, I had also assumed that I would begin a blog when I got pregnant.  You know, to let the world see my burgeoning belly and then eventually post millions of pictures of our perfect little offspring.  But things are working out a lot differently then I expected, and so my plans for a blog got put on the back burner. But I think I may just try this out and see where it goes.  Maybe you are my friend, family member or just an acquaintance who stalked me on facebook and found this link.  Maybe you are someone struggling with infertility and found my blog linked from another’s.  Whoever you are, I hope that I can be an instrument for grace and encouragement in your life.  I am going to see how I take to this contraption before I give out the link, so it may be a week or even a month until anyone reads this post.  But I do hope that this will be a good outlet for me to express my feelings and to discuss where God may be leading me and my husband.

Psalm 23 has been a helpful reminder to me this past week to let go of my anxieties about the plans that He has for me, and to allow him to MAKE me lie down in green pastures.  The wording of the phrase in the good ole KJV seems to fit perfectly with my life — it is never a gentle, “Here you go K, I would love for you to lie down in this green pasture and just take a break for a little”, with me it is always a forceful “MAKETH”.

So please journey with me as I learn how to allow myself to lie down in those beautiful green pastures.


4 Responses to “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.”

  1. Betty Says:


    We too are keeping our journey quiet, but that is because we had a miscarriage in the spring and don’t want to get anyones hopes up.

    I can’t wait to read about your experience and also hope that you find much comfort from others here.

  2. Welcome!

    Hope your upcoming cycles will be successful & there’s not even a need for the IUIs! 🙂

  3. restorethmysoul Says:

    Thank you, and I will put your blog on my reader…let me know if you ever decide to go public with your IF, I would love advice on how to go about doing that!

  4. restorethmysoul Says:

    Thank you so much — keep your fingers crossed! I will put your blog on my reader!

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