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On my way to the wishin’ well December 22, 2008

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So..bad news today.

I had my 14 day ultrasound and was met with the news that the clomid did not work.  I had no follicles that were over the size of 8mm (they like them to be over 10mm).  So basically, I won’t ovulate this month.  Which means that I spent about $150.00 this month to assist my body in doing what it already does on its own — not work.

The nurse mentioned injectables, but I think I will ask to be put back on letrizol (femara) because I at least know that medecine gave me two follicles back in june.

As to why the Clomid didn’t work, the nurse thought maybe it was because I had been off of the Metformin for about 3 weeks when I ran out, or just that Clomid won’t work for me.  I felt stupid, so I didn’t tell her this, but I think it may be because I started taking it too early.  I didn’t really hear Dr. M when he told me that the first day of my cycle is not the first day of spotting.  I always spot for about 3 days and then go into a full cycle.  So I called in and told them my first day was on about day 2 of the spotting — so maybe, just maybe I may have screwed the whole thing up by my own actions this time.  That being said, that is why I do not want to take injectables yet.  A kind commenter told me not to be scared of injectables, but I can’t help it.  I just really pray that I don’t have to get that far.

So, thats that.  I will keep you posted as to what decisions are made after I start my next cycle.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and gets some good rest and maybe some BFP’s (big fat positive pregnancy tests)!


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.. December 9, 2008

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Please, join me today in praying (or thinking of) a fellow IF blogging sister, The Maybe Baby.  Her posts have always been very encouraging to me, and recently, we were looking forward with her to the birth of her twin girls.  Today, she blogged to inform her readers that her twins had been born and had lived for two hours in her arms before passing away.

My heart is grieving for this couple.  This is a very hard thing to understand, and I can only pray that the Lord will comfort them and draw them to Himself during this time of mourning.

If you have words of encouragement or wisdom to pass on to this sister, please do so gently.



awkward sitcom moments December 5, 2008

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So we had our consultation appointment yesterday, and without saying too much that may embarrass the hubby, there were definitely some awkward moments.  Let’s just say that I giggled a lot haha.

But GREAT news came today from the tests — sperm count is above normal! That is a turnaround from the last round of testing, so praise God.  That means that we can have 3-4 months of non-IUI (intra-uterine-insemination) cycles!  Here is the plan that P and I came up with with the help of our RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist), Dr. Moore:

3-4 cycles of Clomid (mild fertility drug) using “regular” intercourse. (About December – March).

3-4 cycles of Clomid using IUI. (About April – July).

3-4 cycles of more intense (injectable – ew!) fertility drugs using IUI (About August – whenever).

So that gives us up to a year! Dr. Moore was very optimistic that with the “package” that we have (pcos – polycystic ovarian syndrome, but young age and healthy body weight, good looking uterus and tubes, haha) that the IUI’s and heavier fertility drugs should be the maximum that we would have to go through, ie. no IVF (In-vitro fertilization).  That is good, because P and I are still very unsure about how we feel with IVF.  So this plan gives us at least a year to really pray and determine how we feel about it as well as to discuss adoption.

So thats the plan in a nut shell.  Dr. Moore gave me provera to make my period come, as it was being very stubborn this month, so I should be starting the Clomid and having my ultrasound to see how many follicles (eggs) it creates around the 22nd or 23rd — meaning we should have a fun Christmas trying!

I will post again sometime after the ultrasound — if you want to hear a really funny story about our consultation visit that I think would be too embarrassing to P for me to post, just ask me and I’ll email you or tell you in person!

Also, I wanted to add, that I really am feeling very at peace and optimistic about this and P is feeling the same way.  We will see how I feel as we begin to get negative pregnancy tests, but  I am trying to trust that the Lord will sustain us.


getting ready… December 1, 2008

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So P and I are getting ready to begin fertility treatments.  We have decided to keep this quiet, so I guess I won’t be giving out my blog address anytime soon.  Maybe we will change our minds after a little bit and then I will give it out, or we may get pregnant(!) and then of course I will tell others about the blog.  We have our consultation appointment on Wednesday and P will be coming with me…this is a big change from last time when I was going through all the testing.  The Lord has answered a big prayer of mine in that P is definitely on board this time! He is as into it this time as I am, and that is something that was sorely lacking last year.  I realized that I really cannot do this, cannot go through the procedures, take the drugs, do the tests, get poked and prodded and see negatives on pregnancy tests without him being as serious about it as I am.  So off we go! I think I will use this space to chronicle the experience and will eventually publish it, because I really desire to use my experience and my voice to help others the way other infertility blogs have helped me.  I may even decide to tell others about this soon, I don’t know..I will have to talk with P about that one of course.