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She gave me acupuncture as her alibi January 13, 2009

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So I think I may do acupuncture — I am looking into it. I have made a couple of calls (there are only a couple of acupuncture places here) and I am having one place send me information (they charge for the first consultation) and another place I set up a consultation for Friday. Its pretty expensive, both places are 125 for the first visit and then 75 after, is that the normal pricing?

What do you guys know about acupuncture? All the advice, stories, pros and cons you could give me would be helpful!


One Response to “She gave me acupuncture as her alibi”

  1. B Says:

    hmm, no advice here, but am curious to know what you know….i’ve heard of acupuncture used when TTC, but am not sure how successful it has been.

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