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ICLW January 21, 2009

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Just wanted to say hey to any new readers who are stopping by during International Comment Leaving Week (or IComLeaveWe)! A big thanks to Stirrup Queens for being so awesome and organizing these things. I’m going to try VERY hard to do this, I get really busy, but I think its a great way to get to know this huge IF community.

I’m doing much better then I was about a week ago, but still struggling a little emotionally. I have some wonderful friends though who have really encouraged me this week, so I’m very thankful to them. I am ready today to see my friend who just got pregnant and really congratulate her and mean it, which is a big break through from last week! Another new tidbit, I have started acupuncture! I didn’t get much advice on here concerning it, but did a lot of Google searching and decided that it would be worth it. My acupuncturist is AMAZING and I love her already. Here’s to hoping it works — I started AF today (p.eriod) and am hoping that the acupuncture will already work to ease my cramps.

I will be doing a stronger dose of Clomid this month, hoping that it creates 3-4 follicles that are 14mm or larger, so keep praying for me or keep your fingers crossed!

Happy ICLW!


5 Responses to “ICLW”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and I will pray for you and cross everything for you.

  2. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for the welcome! I love ICLW, it is so fun to run around and meet new people and hear their stories.
    A friend of mine did Acupuncture when she was TTC and it worked, she was on her third IUI and they actually got twins because they conceived naturally the day before the IUI and the doctors didn’t know. Kind of funny.
    Good luck with anything, Prayers!!

  3. B Says:

    hiya – sorry I coudn’t me much help with acupuncture. I’ve heard of it, but dont know much about it. Dont you love google though? It’s helped me diagnose my own condition, which was a septate uterus. =)

    I hope your next round of clomid does the trick. Keep praying- God answers prayers!

  4. Katie Says:

    Thank you for commenting on my blog during ICLW. Good luck with acupuncture! At the very least I hope it gives you a few moments of peace and quiet.

  5. Mandolyn Says:

    Hey there neighbor!!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Welcome to the blogging community!!! I’m praying for you while you are ttc sister!!

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