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good news! February 27, 2009

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So i actually have some good news to post for once!  A couple of good things:

1. i started AF on my own! without medicine! yay! (its a painful one though, but still, i’m glad it came).

2. i called my RE to set up an ultrasound for the round of fem.ara and he told me he had some free injectables if i wanted them! 3 full free days of the stuff! he said they were expired by one month but hadnt been mixed and would not be a problem at all.  so this cycle will be an injectable one! my stomach is getting a little queasy just thinking about giving myself shots, but i can do it, right?

Has this ever happened to you? your RE having free meds? the meds being expired?  if you think i shouldn’t take them, please let me know. the RE and the nurse both said they would still be good.

so i will be going in on monday for a class to learn how to stick myself, and then wednesday is blood work.  unfortunately P and i are going away the 8-10, so unless we can get the IUI in by saturday, it will be a natural cycle.  pray or keep your fingers crossed, i would really love to do iui this cycle and get the most bang for the buck.  the pharmacy called today and is sending me my meds by tomorrow! i still have to pay for 7 more days worth, but its a huge financial relief not to have to pay for it all! also, i have IF coverage, so it should all be under $200.

hope everyone is doing well, lets see some BFPs!


ICLW February 23, 2009

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sorry everyone, i know that it has been awhile since ive posted anything.  honestly, i just didnt really have much to say.  i was just waiting around to see if AF (aunt flo) would show up on her own this time instead of having to take drugs to induce it, and luckily, i have seen signs of her today.  usually for me, getting AF is a depressing time, but today i actually celebrated since it is the first month in awhile that she has showed up without any assistance. 

so anyway, im a day late, but welcome ICLW’ers, i promise i usually post more often.  i have really been on an emotional roller coaster this past month, but i am beginning to come back around, as i always do, to the fact that God is good and that i can’t escape Him, even when he strikes me down.  as much as long to not believe anymore in a God that has chosen to make me wait for the one thing i long for, i just cant run away from the truth that has proven itself to me over and over again.  so now i am just praying for some peace from the Lord, just a little bit of understanding maybe.  oh, and also, a baby would be nice too 🙂


facebook anyone? February 6, 2009

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I just felt the need to vent for a second, so just give me a minute here, ok? i think i’m going to suspend my facebook.  there’s the obvious reason that it takes up too much of my time at work and its extremely addicting.  but theres another, more potent reason for my facebook hate right now…

its the ultrasound pictures used as photo ids, that you have to see everytime a blurb about that person comes up

its the status updates that center SOLELY around a pregnancy and how wonderful (or sometimes awful) it is to be a mom and be pregnant, etc etc.

its the fact that i have been so tempted to message a couple people that i barely even know and tell them how their statuses and their ultrasound pictures feel like a dagger in my heart.  i know thats not wise, and im not going to do it, but i think i need to suspend facebook.

what about you? have you felt this way, have you stopped using facebook or myspace for the same reason? any advice on a way to deal with it and still use facebook?


Quick Update: February 5, 2009

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I dont have much heart to update, lets just say things are bad.  please keep me in your prayers or thoughts.

the c.lomid didn’t work.  we are going to try femara one more month and then move on to injectables.  which will cost me about $200 with my insurance i think. i know thats cheaper then some of you who dont have any insurance, but its still a lot and assuming that we would be doing IUIs as well, it means about $500 a month.  its hard to stomach.