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good news! February 27, 2009

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So i actually have some good news to post for once!  A couple of good things:

1. i started AF on my own! without medicine! yay! (its a painful one though, but still, i’m glad it came).

2. i called my RE to set up an ultrasound for the round of fem.ara and he told me he had some free injectables if i wanted them! 3 full free days of the stuff! he said they were expired by one month but hadnt been mixed and would not be a problem at all.  so this cycle will be an injectable one! my stomach is getting a little queasy just thinking about giving myself shots, but i can do it, right?

Has this ever happened to you? your RE having free meds? the meds being expired?  if you think i shouldn’t take them, please let me know. the RE and the nurse both said they would still be good.

so i will be going in on monday for a class to learn how to stick myself, and then wednesday is blood work.  unfortunately P and i are going away the 8-10, so unless we can get the IUI in by saturday, it will be a natural cycle.  pray or keep your fingers crossed, i would really love to do iui this cycle and get the most bang for the buck.  the pharmacy called today and is sending me my meds by tomorrow! i still have to pay for 7 more days worth, but its a huge financial relief not to have to pay for it all! also, i have IF coverage, so it should all be under $200.

hope everyone is doing well, lets see some BFPs!


2 Responses to “good news!”

  1. KandiB Says:

    That’s some great news! I asked my dr for “freebies” but never got any. That’s fantastic. I would think that one month over exp date would be fine. I’m sure they have to be ultra conservative on the date and that its real exp date is like another year from now or something!

    You’ll do fine with the shots. They’re nothing at all…and you feel like a super star once you’ve done it (in that you can give yourself a shot!). ICLW

  2. twondra Says:

    I’ve heard of others using expired and it wasn’t a big deal. mY office won’t use them if they are expired, so it varies. I’m sure it’s fine. 🙂 Especially if it’s only a month.

    good luck!!!

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