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Big news! March 3, 2009

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So big big news: We are moving to Chicago!  Yup, P got accepted into his second choice grad school for Art History, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  He has yet to hear from his first choice, but his first choice is also in Chicago, U. of C., so no matter what, come July, rain or shine, job or not, we will be moving!

This is so crazy, I am having a hard time knowing what to feel.  I really didn’t think this would actually happen, so now I have to reorder my expectations for sure.  Im scared about getting a job, I’m scared about getting IF coverage, I’m scared I will get pregnant this month and then NEVER be able to get a job 6 months pregnant.

I really need to trust that the Lord is Sovereign and will care for us, but it is so hard sometimes.  I started the injections last night, my ovaries are already sore, is this normal?  After this cycle, we will be doing strictly natural (with metformin) cycles until we move, just to save some cash in case we don’t get jobs right away.  I’m actually kind of nervous about telling my RE and nurse about this decision for some reason, but I’m sure it will be fine.  I told my acupuncturist today and she was so encouraging.  I think I may continue to go to her once a month right before AF, because it really makes itmuch more manageable.

So, do any of you live in Chicago?  Any advice about job hunting? We have great friends that live there already and who are willing to help us out, but all the help I can get would be awesome!


3 Responses to “Big news!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Congrats!! that is really exciting I have been to Chicago but never lived there, it is a beautiful city. Good luck on the cycle and the moving prep

  2. Hillary Says:

    Congrats, how exciting!

  3. B Says:

    congratulations! The only thing I know about chicago is that is is COLD!

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