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so so sorry March 15, 2009

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you guys, seriously, if any of you are still reading this…im so so sorry. i have been the worst at posting recently.   i have some excuses for it, but i do want to apologize.  the main excuse is that im trying not to use my work computer anymore for anything un-work related (which is really really hard for me by the way..) and we dont have the internet at home anymore…so, please forgive me.

i am smack dab in the middle of my first 2WW.  Can any of you remember your first one? I feel so many different feelings at once….knowing that this will be the last one for awhile since we are moving makes me feel sad.  knowing that if i do get pregnant i will really complicate our move makes me scared as hell.  knowing that i could actually be pregnant this time makes me giddy with the possibilities.  so realy im just trying not to think about it too much, it just hurts my head.

any good ideas on how to not think about baby stuff during your 2WW?  hope everyone is doing well, i still allow myself to read the blogs while at work, just only once a day, so i am still keeping up with you all, even though i havent been posting! good luck to all you in 2ww and congrats to those of you with BFPs in the past month.  to those of you with bad news or no news at all, im praying for you all!


One Response to “so so sorry”

  1. B MoM Says:

    hey no worries on the posting…life happens. =) I’m in my 2ww too. I’m so excited!! When will you be testing? I’ll probably test on 3/23 or 3/24. wooohoooo!! I’m analyzing every little thing about my body, trying to determine if I’m preggo!

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