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WTH? April 6, 2009

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So yesterday I spotted.  I am only CD 18 — it seems way too early for it to be implantation bleeding and I’m pretty sure I didn’t O this cycle.  Has that ever happened to anyone?  I have NEVER had that happen to me before in my life..I don’t usually spot until right before AF and that is anywhere from CD 30-CD45.

Has this happened to anyone at CD 18 or around there?  If so, what did it mean?  I don’t want to think it’s implantation, don’t want to get my hopes up, so please tell me if you think that is impossible!


2 Responses to “WTH?”

  1. B MoM Says:

    could it be ovulation?

  2. Hillary Says:

    I spot so much it’s not even funny. I don’t know why you would spot on an anovulatory cycle, but all I can say is that I can relate. GL!

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